Flowers for the New Year

There's a sense of relief that accompanies the alleged assurance of knowing what will happen tomorrow, or the day after that, or next year. It's reassuring to look at tomorrow's weather forecasting for instance, and having the weather predicted for you, at times more accurately than others.

Sometimes when someone says, "it's too soon to celebrate", I think that it's never premature to celebrate and be happy, you can always be sad later… we should only worry that it's not too late to be happy.

Someone might have the secret to what will be worn in two or three years, what we would like to own, and how we will act- and a lot of it is related to the red skies in California, icebergs melting too fast, the stock market rising and falling, and people who protest against it all. Someone will always aspire to discover the secret ahead of time and be the one to declare it. That is until something happens that "could not have been predicted" or could have been predicted, but not to that extent.

That is partly the reason I like to make plans, ones that exist in their own world, and are not always realized.

We have many plans at ATA for the coming years, and no matter the uncertainty, we know that there will be a future.

Without realizing it, it's been four and half years, and we couldn't foresee what will happen in the years that follow. The one constant is that you will be there and so will we.

Wishing you a happy new year, love, joy, health and friendships.