There’s this question, that almost every syllable within it makes me freeze:

“what was your inspiration when working on this collection, and what did you have in mind?”

Not to be speechless, I found my regular (and avoiding” answer – “the deadline”.

Last Tuesday, knowing that the following Wednesday I need to write about something, I suggested that maybe once and for all the topic of my writing will be inspiration. And immediately I regretted saying that.

So once again, the deadline was the leader. (can it be that up until this moment I haven’t noticed that the term “deadline” is made out of “dead” and “line”??)

So I went to the beach, and tried to think of nothing…

I also tried to capture the endless thoughts, visions, sounds, words into one clear thought.

I tried, not to be “on focus” like they always say you should be, but instead – keep the main thing clear, and blur the margin.

Maye it’s like shutting down one light, and another one, till you’re left with the one light that’s lightning what you want to see the most.

I thought that actually, each one has its own path, and mine is not always defined as a subject, or a place, or someone, but moment, a point in my timeline where all of this wild brainstorm of people places hopes and dreams come clear into one clear simple thought who was pretty close to me, and managed to stand up strong and present itself clear and sharp.

Lucky think there’s a deadline…

Have a good weekend,


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