ATA's Sweatpants

Looks like it's winter.

I'm thinking of the colors of the sky, how the water makes the side walks sparkle, the sound of cars in the rain, I'm thinking of what I should wear…

Someone once said that there are winter colors… some of the falling leaves and some of the grey of the sky. For me, winter colors are colors of other places.

The ATA sweatpants collection was shot in a distant town, 30 minutes away from Paris. It was shot by actress and musician Hen Yanni, and dancer and choreographer Imre van Opstal, alongside Lionel Ben Shimon in his exceptional hotel.

The clothes were packed in a box and shipped away in a culmination of a long stretch of time, full of thoughts, intentions, a hope to understand, and beginning of a new life elsewhere, in a different light, with its own temperament, temperature and gaze, and a gathering that took place and developed into the start of a new and surprising story, one that provides a different perspective.

Chapter 1

ATA's blue sweatpants. To wear in winter.

Zohar Elastic Hem Sweatpants

Gila Sweatshirt