How Do You Know When Something Ends, and Another Begins?

"I have no idea if it's going to be summer right now, or another season. Once I didn't know because I travelled so much and ended up experiencing a whole lot of summer and a whole lot of winter in one year. Now, I'm experiencing this feeling because I'm working on the winter collection in a summer that hasn't began yet."

I wrote this passage on Passover last year, when I could still hide away at home and say I've gone away. So soon it's already the new Jewish year, and none of this is relevant. For people like me, who like to make last minute decisions but have to make decisions way in advance for work purposes, it's really confusing.

In a place where heat and cold don't adhere to the agreed upon schedule, and it's as cold in air-conditioning as it is outside in winter, and soon it'll be dark in the late afternoon, but the sea is still noisy and warm like a summer's morning, one has the liberty to make up personal seasons. For instance, the covid 19 season is spoken of at the moment. Apparently, there will be two seasons- winter and summer, and you can't even guess how the tension between the outside and the inside will make you feel, and where we'll be, and if that's not enough the earth is playing tricks on us.

There used to be a custom where at a certain time you stored the clothes of last season "upstairs", and once something went up or down you could freeze or run too hot just because the ladder was put back into storage. It's a bit presumptuous, but, If I could cancel the seasons it could help me a lot, to live "in the moment". I don't except a protest from my coat and bathing suit for having to share the same shelf in my closet.